Whorehouse - How To Play

Object of The Game - Make as much money as you can. You are ranked by your networth which is (your money + value of your whores + value of your thugs + value of your houses). Each whore you have is worth $1000, every thug you have is worth $500, and each house you own is worth $75,000.

Turns - You need turns to play the game. You will recieve 2 turns for every hour you don't play the game. You will also recieve 6 extra turns if you don't play the game for 18 hours. When you log in you can never have more than 100 turns. The six extra turns will be added on after the 100 turn cut is done.

For every turn in which your whores work, you will need 1 condom per whore. If you run out of condoms your whores can get diseases and die. Your whores will work in just about every part of the game: the black market, while scouting, disciplining, gambling, etc. The only time your whores do not work is when you are attacking other pimps. For example: if you spend 5 turns scouting, your whores will also work and make money for those 5 turns.

Payout - On the "User Info" screen you can select how much you'd like to pay your whores. If you pay them low there is a chance they will leave you. If you pay 50% or above there is little to no chance of whores leaving. Higher and lower payouts can affect scouting efforts. Obviously if you are willing to pay your whores more money, you will find more whores when you scout. If you lower your payout (especially huge changes over a short period of time) there is a chance your whores will get upset and leave.

Scouting - You have the option to collect new whores by scouting. When you scout your whores also have a chance to do some work which will make money. If your payout is high enough you will collect more whore/thugs.

Attacking - You have the option of attacking other pimps. You need to know the user number of the pimp you're attacking. You can get this number by looking on the ranks list or searching for pimps. The five ways of attacking are:

You can only be attacked limited number of times between the time you last logged in till the next time you log on. New users cannot be attacked till they have logged in 3 times. Also, you may not do more than 5 attacks per day. You cannot attack someone who's networth is less than half or more than double of yours. The more houses you have the less power the thugs have in defending from attacks.

The Black Market - Here you can buy condoms for your whores to prevent disease, medicine to cure diseases, houses (each house you have will increase whore income by 10%), crack (to steal whores), and thugs (for attacking and defending whores and houses). You can also buy thug weapons, which are not required to do attacks or defend from attacks, but will make your thugs stronger in both cases. Thug weapons disappear after they are used.

The Wall - Scribble something on the bathroom wall for other pimps in the game to read.

Discipline Whores - For every turn you spend here your whores can make from 15% to 30% more than normal. If you abuse them too much they can die.

Doctor's Office - Here you can get your pregnant whores back into the game. The disadvantage being if you let the whores finish the pregnancy you will get their crack babies to work for you (aka. you get the original whores back plus some extra whores and thugs).

Crack Factory - Your thugs will produce crack here. The more houses and thugs, the more crack they can produce.

Gambling - You can gamble money, whores, and turns here.

Unions - Here you can join up with 3 other pimps. There will be a percentage of your income taken out for union dues. The leader of the union will decide how much and where the money should go to (either offensive thugs or defensive thugs).

Frequently asked questions:

1. Hey! I was attacked more than 5 times in one day! - The framing attack can be done as many times as the attacker wants to. It can make it look like someone has been attacking you (and failing) when really no one has. The answer to the question: someone is framing someone else on you.

Also consider that every time you log in you can be attacked another 5 times.